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Site Furnishings - Sierra Winds
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We can find anything you need for Park Amenities, Outdoor Athletic Equipment, Playground Equipment, Preschool Equipment, and Accessible ADA Picnic Tables, Park Benches, and Bleachers.

  • Our thermoplastic line of tables, benches and trash receptacles has been expanded and is an excellent example of our commitment to represent the finest “state-of-the-art” products available.
  • We offer pressure treated wooden products with ACQ, a more “environmentally friendly” product.
  • The steel products used in our line are supplied by Allied Tube which delivers the industry’s finest protective coating. The durability can be further enhanced by applying a superior powder coated paint.

If you need it we can find it, please contact us. We will find a solution.

All of us at Sierra Winds want you to be pleased with your choice among the many products. We are certain that our choice to supply “platisol” coated steel furniture and site amenities was the RIGHT choice for all the reasons mentioned above. Whether you are considering the purchase of new site amenities or the replacement of old, worn out coated steel furniture, rest assured we will help you find the RIGHT choice.

Aces Ballpark
Tables - Sierra Winds
Bench - Sierra Winds
Round Table - Sierra Winds
Table - Sierra Winds
Bench & Trash - Sierra Winds

We represent the following vendors:

Wabash Valley:
Plastisol coated expanded metal and punched steel benches, tables & waste containers.

Petersen Concrete:
Concrete & metal benches, waste containers & tables.

Kay Park Rec.
BBQ’s, bleachers, benches & tables (expanded metal, wood, & aluminum).

Eder Flag:
Poles & flags for commercial and residential installations.

Sports equipment & hardware for field & court.

Fitness & Dog Park Equipment (Action Fit & Bark Park).

Athletic Connection:
Ultimate team one stop shop for all your athletic gear.

Gymnasium equipment & audio visual.

Marker boards & tack boards.

Site Furnishings - Dog Parks
Site Furnishings - Apple - Nevada
Site Furnishings - Exercise Equipment
Site Furnishings - Dog Parks
Site Furnishings - Apple - Nevada

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