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Residential Playgrounds

Tuff Turf is ideal for playgrounds, sports areas, and under playground equipment. The non-abrasive fiber and soft impact absorbing infill will not move or become hard, even in high impact areas such as under swings and in front of slides. All of this makes Tuff Turf the ideal surface for your back yard or playground.

Commercial Play

AreasTuff Turf is great for playgrounds and other children play areas. Our unique system of nonabrasive grass is made from impact absorbing infill. In fact, our Allsport Pro Turf has an ASTM G-Max rating of 3 ft. by itself. We can also add our own exclusive cushioning system that raises the ASTM rating to an 8 ft. drop. Best of all, Tuff Turf has certified in-house testing equipment for all of your G-Max testing and certification needs

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