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Nothing is better in your back yard then grass you can enjoy without the hassle and cost of maintenance. Tuff Turf grass is always greener than the real thing. Even under trees or in areas with poor soil, Tuff Turf will look and feel like real grass, if not better.

Kids love it and pets do too. Tuff Turf is never muddy, doesn't track, and best of all won’t stain or itch. And unlike real grass, Tuff Turf prevents the breeding of fleas and other pests in your yard. You can put Tuff Turf any place you would put real grass, and even in places real grass can’t grow. You could make a bocci court, a play area for your kids, or even a croquet court. The possibilities are endless. Tuff Turf will help make your yard beautiful and maintenance free all year round, and most people won’t notice that its not real grass.

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